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Providing a specific program for an a elite athlete is not just making the program intense or putting exersices together. There is a science behind it, proper periodization, working on weaknesses, staying injury free, and peaking at the right time. Transferring the work done in the gym to real results when its needed most, day of the competition. All what a true athlete needs to be physically and mentally prepared. If you got what it takes to handle it, I'll take you to the next level!

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Mike has changed my life and tranformed my body. Just within a couple months of working out with Mike, I lost 30 pounds! My pant size when I started was a 14, and now I'm a size 4!!! I am wearing the same size jeans I wore in high school!! Mike created a realistic nutrition plan that was easy to follow and he did not deprive me of my favoritve foods.More

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The Studio

When working out, many people tend to put more emphasis on the equipment rather than on the workout itself. I use experience and knowledge to give you a custom workout and menu plan that works for YOU!. doesn't even matter. I will train you anywhere, at my gym, at your house, or even the beach!

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Giovanni Training : Elite Personal Training

UFC's Kenda Perez Training Video
with Michael Giovanni

Michael Giovanni

MMA Prime TV Training Video with
Michael Giovanni & Jesse Jane

Michael Giovanni

Jesse Jane killing it in the gym

Michael Giovanni

Preparation for UFC 133 Ortiz vs Evans 2

Michael Giovanni

Preparation for UFC 132 Ortiz vs Bader

Michael Giovanni

Eating Right

  • Eating Habits
    Some of the everyday things you consume can do more harm than good. Changing just a few habits, and being a bit more cautious can have big rewards in the long run.